Praedicat is growing and hiring. While we've been working hard to build world-class innovative analytics and software, we've also been building a unique and special culture. We emphasize collegiality and multidisciplinary collaboration. We are agile, hard-working and want to build a global company that makes the world cleaner, safer and healthier.



Where your work can make a cleaner, safer, and healthier world. Praedicat is dedicated to making liability insurance markets look to science instead of to the past. If mission-driven work is what you want and you can help us, we’re hiring.  


Where you’re solving hard problems in multidisciplinary teams. 

At Praedicat, we’re all learning from our colleagues.  Every day.  Because this is how innovation happens.  If you like to work with smart people and like to work in teams to solve hard problems, we’re hiring. 


Where you’re creating a new market, with new technologies, and new ways of solving problems.

Litagion® agents, litigenome™ maps, ML-ement™ risks, quindrex™ visualizations and nekomata risk:  We’re even creating a new language of risk.  If you want to contribute at the cutting edge, we’re hiring. 

Compensation and Benefits

Besides an awesome work experience and great colleagues, working at Praedicat brings a competitive compensation and benefits package.

All full-time regular employees are eligible for benefits such as:

  • Participation in Praedicat’s Stock Incentive Plan offering equity-based incentives for employees
  • Annual bonuses tied to individual and company performance
  • The ability to contribute to a Praedicat-sponsored 401(k) plan
  • Medical insurance coverage, with both HMO and PPO options, as well as dental and vision coverage
  • Generous allotment of PTO (paid time off) and official holidays each year

There are currently no job openings. Please check back again!

At Praedicat, we’re trying to use technology to change the way the world manages emerging risk. We need a diverse group of smart and creative people who want to solve some really hard problems. If the exact job isn’t listed here but you’re sure you can help, please contact