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The Learning Zone

The Learning Zone 675 449 Ben Gruber

Scenarios  For the first time in a long time, the catastrophic potential of latent liability exposures is in the news. As the glyphosate, talc, and opioid litigation continues to unfold…

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Risks in the News

Risks in the News 594 448 Ben Gruber

What risks do we see out on the horizon of 2020 and beyond?  On the far horizon, are there perils with only the faintest early signals of risk detectable from…

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Praedicat Announces Hundreds!

Praedicat Announces Hundreds! 800 450 Ben Gruber

Praedicat Announces Hundreds! Praedicat announced Hundreds, a groundbreaking named peril casualty product, at the Lloyd’s Lab Demo Day on November 13th. Hundreds is the first casualty product developed as part…

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PraediCon 2020 Re-Imagined

PraediCon 2020 Re-Imagined 1280 480 Ben Gruber

PraediCon 2020 Re-Imagined Even though we had to cancel PraediCon 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are as committed as ever to bringing you important information in a timely…

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Contact/Help/Feedback 648 483 Ben Gruber

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please contact a member of Praedicat’s Account Management team.   Name Location Email Address Jason Aarni Los Angeles, CA Julia Fuller…

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Client Contest

Client Contest 415 311 Ben Gruber

A big shout out to the winners of our very challenging client contest in the inaugural issue of Long Tails, Kristina Melley, 2VP, Enterprise Underwriting at Travelers, and Mike Maloney,…

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Know Your Praedicats

Know Your Praedicats 1999 1327 Ben Gruber

Know Your Praedicats Have you ever wondered who is working furiously behind the scenes to bring you all of the latent liability risk insights that you have come to rely…

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Praedicat In the News

Praedicat In the News 594 448 Ben Gruber

Carrier Management Underwriting by Google Leads to Wrong Answers on Autism Drivers Read more   InsuranceERM Glyphosate, opioids, and talc – Candidates for the Next Asbestos Read more    

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Praedicat Out & About

Praedicat Out & About 600 449 Ben Gruber

Upcoming Events September 9th – Le Rendez Vous at Monte Carlo Event details here September 18th – Praedicat’s Bermuda event: Glyphosate, Opioids, and Talc: The New Bodily Injury Mass Litigation…

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ChemMeta® – What’s New? What’s Next?

ChemMeta® – What’s New? What’s Next? 207 265 Ben Gruber

ChemMeta – What’s New? Our newest ChemMeta release links our inventory of 1,572 active pharmaceutical ingredients to 695 companies that hold New Drug Applications (NDA) or Abbreviated New Drug Applications…

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Oortfolio® – What’s New? What’s Next?

Oortfolio® – What’s New? What’s Next? 200 200 Ben Gruber

Oortfolio – What’s New? The May 28th release of Oortfolio allows for the modeling of defense costs paid outside the limits of liability. Prior to this release, Oortfolio assumed defense…

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CoMeta® – What’s New? What’s Next?

CoMeta® – What’s New? What’s Next? 262 302 Ben Gruber

CoMeta – What’s New? Paid Subscriber Content Only   Check out our new CoMeta Themes and other new content from April and May New CoMeta Themes May 2019 – Endocrine…

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