CoMeta and Oortfolio represent a historic leap forward in modeling risk for the property and casualty insurance market.

Based on commercial exposures to emerging risk information drawn from peer-reviewed science, CoMeta and Oortfolio provide an unprecedented platform for identifying, underwriting and managing systemic liability risk.

The platform converts emerging risk from a driver of risk avoidance to a driver of growth and opportunity.

CoMeta provides innovative new risk measures and visualizations for technical underwriting of casualty risk.


  • Evaluating thousands of hypothesized risks
  • Tracking “emerging risks” as they develop and mature


  • Rigorous and objective
  • Using today’s scientific hypotheses to predict tomorrow’s claims


  • No “black box”
  • Access to science behind the analytics


  • Diverse risks characterized on a common scale
  • Tied to casualty portfolios through legal, economic and financial modeling

150 Emerging Risks

CoMeta tracks the science and commercial exposures for more than 150 emerging risks. CoMeta brings technology to insurers’ Emerging Risk activities, converting risk avoidance to portfolio optimization; exclusion to accumulation management; and avoiding the “next asbestos” to driving sustainable profits.


Praedicat’s patent-pending Quindrex visualizations summarize the liability cat risk.

1000 Large Account Companies

CoMeta includes interactive science-based company underwriting information for more than 1000 large account companies.

Exposure data for Underwriting and Portfolio Design

Praedicat's Industry Profiles

Praedicat converts the corpus of peer-reviewed science into industry and company exposures for underwriting. Colors represent the level of risk.

Heat Maps

CoMeta provides new data on the risk of within-line clash exposures across industries to design diversified portfolios.

Praedicat’s industry profiles capture the Litagion agents that might be found at companies in the industry, and provides a “heat map” that explores the potential for clash between the profiled industry and other industries.



Science-based Casualty Catastrophe Platform

Oortfolio allows quantitative analysis of insurer exposures to hundreds of emerging risks. Analysis can be conducted at the level of portfolios, industries and companies.

Oortfolio Runs Nekomodel™, Praedicat's Breakthrough Liability Cat Model.

Two tails of cat risk: loss probability and latency. Calculate portfolio PMLs, expected losses and latency.

Compare Company and Industry Losses and PMLs

Estimate the impact of different limits and attachment points. Compare losses and PMLs under occurrence, claims made and integrated occurrence triggers. Add companies to portfolios and save. Compare PMLs across industry and companies.

Oortfolio runs dozens of Deterministic Casualty Cat Scenarios -- Estimate the performance of a portfolio, an underwriting strategy, or exposure of a particular company in a portfolio using a diverse set of realistic disaster scenarios of mass litigation.


Praedicat’s Starburst visualization summarizes portfolio risk. The Starburst provides a quick visualization of the largest emerging risks present in a portfolio. Interact with the Starburst to investigate portfolio accumulations and latency by emerging risk agent.

Leave risk identification to the scientists – focus instead on growth.

Today’s emerging risk groups function on risk identification. With Oortolio, focus instead on growth and diversification. Oortfolio provides the tools for a rigorous, science-based strategy for sustainable and profitable growth.