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CoMeta: Company Underwriting Workflow

The CoMeta Company Underwriting Workflow makes it easier than ever for underwriters to assess latent casualty risk for over 40k companies and is the place to come for answers to these questions and many more:

  • Which chemical exposures are likeliest to produce future liability claims and may drive catastrophic financial risk for the company I’m underwriting?
  • What business activities are exposing a company to the litagion agents it is linked to and are driving losses?
  • Where should I place my layer to reduce tail risk?
  • How can I benchmark a company’s riskiness in relation to its peers?
  • What latent exposures should I focus on in discussions with the client?

The intuitive interface makes evaluating the impact of your underwriting decisions on portfolio-level aggregations of latent casualty risks easier than ever and now supports an “exclusion write-back” strategy to cover more risks and grow premium.

Some of the highlights of our “Company Underwriting Workflow” feature in CoMeta include:

  • Account underwriting: Assess latent casualty risks for 40,000 US and global companies
  • Portfolio underwriting: Evaluate the impact of your underwriting decisions on portfolio-level aggregations of latent casualty risks.
  • Exclusion write-backs: Quantify the impact of excluding specific latent casualty risks as well as covering those risks on a named-peril basis.
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