Praedicat participates with Lloyd’s in an InsTech London’s webinar on July 22nd!

Praedicat is thrilled to participate in InsTech London’s latest event that will explore the solution on how to maximize the business value of the emerging risk information uncovered through casualty scenario reporting. The event will feature a presentation by Praedicat’s Dr. Adam Grossman on the emerging risks associated with chemicals in food, building products, and pharmaceuticals. Followed by a discussion led by InsTech London’s Matthew Grant, with Dr. Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace, Head of Portfolio Risk Management at Lloyd’s and Dr. Robert Reville, CEO of Praedicat. Together they will examine the role scenarios play beyond just regulatory reporting and how that information translates into significant business value.

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Learn more about Praedicat’s in-software solution that makes reporting on Lloyd’s six new liability scenarios easy, here.

Praedicat Expands Litigation Tracker with PFAS, Toxic Baby food and Paraquat

Praedicat is excited to announce an important update to our litigation tracker platform! Initially launched to track COVID-19 litigation, our clients can now access important litigation information around three additional mass litigations: PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), toxic baby food (heavy metals in baby food), and paraquat (an herbicide alleged to cause Parkinson’s disease).

Read press release here.

Interested in learning more about the history of PFAS litigation then read David Loughran’s latest blog: “The past, present, and future of PFAS litigation in the United States”.

Praedicat makes submitting the Lloyd’s Scenario Requirements Easy!

In August, Lloyd’s syndicates are required to report a set of six liability scenarios. While property scenario reporting is well-established, the requirement for liability scenarios, and the scenarios themselves, are new.

Praedicat has developed an in-software solution that makes reporting on Lloyd’s six new liability scenarios easy. Our streamlined reporting process ensures that you not only meet all of Lloyd’s requirements quickly and efficiently, but go above and beyond to make the exercise compliant, business relevant, and actionable.

For more detailed information regarding Praedicat’s Lloyd’s Liability Scenario solution click here.

Praedicat’s latest AM Best Review article tackles climate change and arsenic.

Climate change is here and so is climate-related litigation. But what does climate change have to do with the recent lawsuits filed against baby food manufacturers? As it turns out, a lot.

In the article “Emerging Litigation Targets Arsenic in Baby Food” featured in the most recent edition of AM Best’s Review, Praedicat’s CEO Robert Reville and SVP of Product and Chief Economist, David Loughran, discuss how droughts caused by climate change have elevated the amount of arsenic and other heavy metals found in rice, and how insurers must help their clients manage this risk.

Read full article here.

Amanda Nguyen from Aon Re Solutions, joined The Insurer TV for an interview.

Amanda covers a lot of territory, sharing her expert point of view on the development of the casualty market, current and future emerging risks and the challenges they pose, and how to successfully grow while managing all of these risks.

Amanda also discusses how Aon’s collaboration with Praedicat has resulted in an innovative solution that provides our industry with the risk insight and transparency needed to facilitate better protection at risk-appropriate pricing, while reducing uncertainty around coverage, exclusions, and insufficient limits.

Watch full video here.

SCOR Innovation Podcast discusses benefits of partnering with Praedicat

When our friends at SCOR discuss how to offer innovative solutions and opportunities to their client base, we are thrilled to be included in the conversation.

In the latest episode of SCOR’s Innovation Podcast, Maura Haynes, GL Team Leader, Steven Strauss, US Deputy Team leader for Casualty, and Emale Laurant ,VP, Accumulation Team Lead for Global Casualty lines from SCOR discuss the benefits of partnering with Praedicat to identify and manage emerging risks in their US and Global portfolios.

Listen to the full podcast here.
To learn more about Praedicat’s insights and how we’ve partnered with SCOR click here.

Risk Framework

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but taking action on them is even better.

Let’s move your business from insights to action.

Our Emerging Risk Framework breaks emerging risk into three phases: emerging interest, emerging damage and emerging litigation. Depending on the phase of emergence, our methodology recommends specific business actions to take and who should take them. Because our framework is embedded in Praedicat software, understanding the information is intuitive and taking action is easy.

(Re)Insurance Solutions

You can think of it as the way we help you protect your company from the next asbestos. Or think of it as how we help your company grow. Either way, you’d be right.

When we move our clients from a risk avoidance mindset to one of risk engagement, the opportunity for growth is extraordinary. See how we might work with you to identify emerging risks to accelerate growth.

Global Industrial Solutions

Better products. Safer. Faster…

Better products that are safer for the world and those who live in it, brought to market faster – these product stewardship ideals are at the heart of our global industrial solutions. It’s what happens when we empower our clients to pursue progress, innovation and growth. Come see for yourself.

What We Do

Science quantified, intelligence amplified, collaboratively applied.

Creating growth from the landscape of emerging risk is at the core of what we do, and we use science, technology, and analytics to do it. Learn more about what we do, the extraordinary results we’ve garnered for our clients, and what we can do collaborating with you.

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