Praedicat Emerging Risk Framework Video

Praedicat’s Emerging Risk Framework is designed to make emerging risk actionable for casualty insurers and reinsurers. The framework considers the entire emerging risk life cycle, dividing the timeline of emerging risk into different phases of emergence. Praedicat’s analytics and models deliver insights to drive actions and strategies for each phase.

The emerging risk framework makes emerging risk actionable, enabling you to make smarter business decisions informed by science and industry-leading technology.

Convex announces partnership with Praedicat

Praedicat is thrilled that Convex, the international specialty insurer and reinsurer, has licensed our products to help Convex identify, underwrite and manage complex emerging liability risks. The partnership will help advance Convex’s innovative strategy of growth through technology and data-driven underwriting.  We look forward immensely to this partnership and the innovations to come.

Coffee with Bob welcomes special guest Jean-Paul Conoscente

A big thank you to industry luminary Jean-Paul Conoscente, CEO of SCOR Global P&C, for joining us in our latest Coffee with Bob.

Mr. Conoscente shared his singular insights and perspective on the industry with Praedicat CEO Bob Reville. The two friends discussed a wide range of topics including the condition of the current market, casualty catastrophe modeling, and social inflation.

Watch teasers here.

Watch full recording here.

Praedicat’s Response to the PRA’s “Dear CRO” Letter

On November 13th 2020 the PRA published their “Dear CRO” letter which outlined areas in general insurers reserving and exposure management procedures and practices which need to be addressed in 2021.

With over 25 Global insurer and reinsurer clients, Praedicat has worked with the industry to design and implement casualty risk and exposure management frameworks, integrate with casualty insurance workflows, and deliver actionable insights.

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Coffee with Bob: The Future of Underwriting with Mary Merkel Recording

If you missed Mary Merkel, retired CUO, Zurich North America and Praedicat Inc. Board Member, as a guest on the latest Coffee with Bob, we’ve got you covered. Watch Mary as she joins Praedicat CEO Robert Reville to discuss the future of underwriting.

Mary and Bob also explore underwriting challenges like how to successfully activate the deluge of data at our disposal; how to make analytics-driven insights actionable and implementable, and how to make informed underwriting decisions from a portfolio perspective, including consideration of cross-line casualty clash.

Praedicat completes Lloyd’s Lab Demo Day

We are excited and proud of our work in the Lab! A tremendous THANK YOU to our mentors and everyone in the Lloyd’s market who has helped us generate innovative solutions that support COVID-19 response, recovery and future-resilience.

Our engagement with the Lloyd’s Market and time in the Lab have allowed us to successfully expand our scenario coverage to consider GL & concomitant D&O, adding this additional cross-line clash loss element to our existing COVID-19 scenarios.

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(Re)Insurance Solutions

You can think of it as the way we help you protect your company from the next asbestos. Or think of it as how we help your company grow. Either way, you’d be right.

When we move our clients from a risk avoidance mindset to one of risk engagement, the opportunity for growth is extraordinary. See how we might work with you to identify emerging risks to accelerate growth.

Global Industrial Solutions

Better products. Safer. Faster…

Better products that are safer for the world and those who live in it, brought to market faster – these product stewardship ideals are at the heart of our global industrial solutions. It’s what happens when we empower our clients to pursue progress, innovation and growth. Come see for yourself.

What We Do

Science quantified, intelligence amplified, collaboratively applied.

Creating growth from the landscape of emerging risk is at the core of what we do, and we use science, technology, and analytics to do it. Learn more about what we do, the extraordinary results we’ve garnered for our clients, and what we can do collaborating with you.

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