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Let’s talk about how Praedicat provides insurers with the information they need to design new insurance products that offer coverage for the hardest latent risks.

Hundreds is the first casualty product designed in the innovation accelerator program at Lloyd’s Lab. Praedicat is working with brokers and insurer clients who will offer Hundreds coverage, tailored to the needs of insureds, providing them with genuine protection from potential mass tort events. It also enables insurers to understand and quantify the risk so they can prudently grow their casualty book.

Hundreds closes a major protection gap in casualty. Recent mass torts (e.g. glyphosate and talc) have risk managers looking for innovative solutions to protect their business. Existing coverage is not well designed to handle latent catastrophic events with cross-LOB clash. Hundreds is coverage designed to fill that gap, bringing all losses relevant to the event under a single cover, with an extended reporting period to cover those unforeseen events on the horizon.

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