D&O in 60 seconds, with Graham Tibbets

Praedicat now offers an integrated D&O underwriting and portfolio management solution that brings together Experian’s best-in-class baseline D&O risk model, Praedicat’s forward-looking emerging D&O risk model and active litigation tracking data in one streamlined workflow.  Click here to watch Graham Tibbets, FCAS, MAAA and Director of Product Management, give a quick overview of our complete D&O underwriting and portfolio management solution.

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Navigating Changing Risk Landscapes in D&O Insurance

Join the Insurance Insider’s Meg Green as she chats with Praedicat Director of Product Management, Graham Tibbets, FCAS, MAAA, about how evolving litigation trends and emerging risks can result in D&O claims against multiple businesses operating in the same field.

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Aon panel debate: Casualty capacity still available as renewal dynamics shift | The Insurer TV

Praedicat CEO Robert Reville had the pleasure of joining Aon’s panel debate on The Insurer TV, where casualty capacity is discussed and deliberated. Aon didn’t hold back on star power as Amanda Lyons, Executive Managing Director, Tim Aman, Executive Managing Director, and Barry Gale, Head of Legacy filled out the panel hosted by the Insurer TV’s Janet Babin.

The group discussion covers a lot of ground, ranging from casualty renewal dynamics and managing casualty exposures, to emerging risks to watch and the rise in casualty loss portfolio transfers. Some of the emerging risks that were identified as more challenging to quantify were PFAS, social media, and climate.

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What’s your chemical footprint? A blog team-up with Chemsec

Praedicat has recently completed an analysis of potential chemical liabilities in support of the release of the 2023 edition of ChemScore. ChemScore is an annual report produced by ChemSec which ranks the world’s top 50 chemical producers on their work to reduce their chemical footprint. Our analysis of the ChemScore 2023 liability risk considers the 50 ChemScore companies and their potential liabilities resulting from worker and consumer exposures to emerging risks such as PFAS, phthalates, bisphenols, and other potentially harmful substances.

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Milliman report, The “forever chemical” risk is now: An actuarial reserving study can help insurers prepare for PFAS claims and litigation

The newest report from Milliman, The “forever chemical” risk is now: An actuarial reserving study can help insurers prepare for PFAS claims and litigation, was just released. The report provides critical and foundational details about the ongoing PFAS litigation landscape and explores viable reserving methodologies that can be employed by companies to produce PFAS liability estimates today.

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Aon and Praedicat partnership expansion to deliver new emerging risk solutions

We are proud to announce that Aon and Praedicat have expanded our partnership to develop innovative solutions to emerging risks and grow the casualty catastrophe market. This partnership will provide cutting-edge insights and solutions for managing complex liability risks to help cedants understand their potential exposures and determine the best way to grow, manage, and reinsure liabilities.

Praedicat appreciates Aon’s strong record of trailblazing and thought leadership. Aon is committed to supporting its clients by providing innovative solutions, and Praedicat is excited to be a part of that effort. With the integration of Praedicat’s forward-looking technology and Aon’s expertise in reinsurance, the partnership is well-equipped to provide powerful tools for managing and transferring risks in today’s complex liability environment.

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Risk Framework

Insights on emerging risks are great but taking
action on them is even better.

Let’s move your business from insights to action.

Our Emerging Risk Framework breaks emerging risk into three phases: emerging interest, emerging damage and emerging litigation. Depending on the phase of emergence, our methodology recommends specific business actions to take and who should take them.  Because our framework is embedded in Praedicat software – with access to tools like the litigation tracker, company risk score, and library of realistic disaster scenarios – understanding the information is intuitive and taking action is easier than ever.

(Re)Insurance Solutions

You can think of it as the way we help you protect your company from the next asbestos. Or think of it as how we help your company grow. Either way, you’d be right.

When we move our clients from a risk avoidance mindset to one of risk engagement, the opportunity for growth is extraordinary. See how we might work with you to identify emerging risks to accelerate growth.

Global Industrial Solutions

Better products. Safer. Faster…

Better products that are safer for the world and those who live in it, brought to market faster – these product stewardship ideals are at the heart of our global industrial solutions. It’s what happens when we empower our clients to pursue progress, innovation and growth. Come see for yourself.

Praedicat Appearance Calendar

If you are going to be where
we are going to be, let’s be there together!

PSX 2023 hosted by the Product Stewardship Society

When: October 17-19
Where: Boston, MA

CAS Annual Meeting

November 5-8
Where: Los Angeles, CA