ChemMeta® – What’s New? What’s Next?

ChemMeta® – What’s New? What’s Next?

ChemMeta® – What’s New? What’s Next? 200 200 Ben Gruber

ChemMeta – What’s New?

Our New Product Stewardship Solution

ChemMeta, our new product stewardship solution launched in July 2018, is powered by Praedicat’s patent-pending AI, reading scientific literature at scale (35 million+ peer-reviewed journal articles) and converting the scientific literature into business intelligence. ChemMeta information is updated weekly with findings from new studies.

ChemMeta contains profiles of 3,354 chemicals with a CAS number and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and 174,069 articles with relevant harm hypotheses. Since ChemMeta’s launch, we have added 339 certified bodily injury hypotheses involving 185 Chemicals. We have also updated all general acceptance scores with the most recent scientific publications investigating ChemMeta’s inventory of 3,874 hypotheses of bodily injury.

ChemMeta – What’s Next?

Coming to ChemMeta in Q2 will be pharmaceutical adverse event data and dietary supplements.