ChemMeta® – What’s New?

ChemMeta® – What’s New?

ChemMeta® – What’s New? 207 265 Ben Gruber

ChemMeta – What’s New?

Adverse Event Report System (AERS) data and “AERS Risk Score” for pharmaceuticals

The Food and Drug Administration’s Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) is a database of pharmaceutical adverse event reports submitted to the FDA by healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, consumers, and other interested parties.  More than two million adverse event reports are filed with the FDA each year. Read more here.

Uncertified Hypotheses

In November the ChemMeta release featured algorithmically derived data (Uncertified Hypotheses) and a literature explorer that improves our user’s ability to navigate and interact with the underlying scientific literatures. Read more here.

Major Increase in ChemMeta’s Chemical Library Inventory

The February 7, 2020 release significantly increases the ChemMeta inventory to 31,493 chemicals and 10,241 hypotheses from 3,532 chemicals. The ChemMeta inventory now includes all chemical substances tagged with a CAS number by the National Library of Medicine.  Most of these newly added chemicals (25,840) currently have “no relevant literature,” meaning that ChemMeta’s algorithms have not identified any relevant peer-reviewed published scientific studies investigating hypotheses of bodily injury. Read more here