Press Release – Aon and Praedicat expand partnership

Press Release – Aon and Praedicat expand partnership

Press Release – Aon and Praedicat expand partnership 700 350 Yvonne Torres
June 1, 2023: Aon and Praedicat partnership expansion to deliver new emerging risk solutions

We are proud to announce that Aon and Praedicat have expanded our partnership to develop innovative solutions to emerging risks and grow the casualty catastrophe market. This partnership will provide cutting-edge insights and solutions for managing complex liability risks to help cedants understand their potential exposures and determine the best way to grow, manage, and reinsure liabilities.

“We are excited to expand our collaboration with Praedicat. Emerging risks are always a key concern for our casualty clients, and with Praedicat’s tools and insights integrated into Aon’s suite of reinsurance solutions, we provide our clients with the resources they need to navigate volatility and build resilience in today’s complex liability environment.”

– Amanda Lyons, U.S. casualty strategic growth leader for Aon’s Reinsurance Solutions

Praedicat appreciates Aon’s strong record of trailblazing and thought leadership. Aon is committed to supporting its clients by providing innovative solutions, and Praedicat is excited to be a part of that effort. With the integration of Praedicat’s forward-looking technology and Aon’s expertise in reinsurance, the partnership is well-equipped to provide powerful tools for managing and transferring risks in today’s complex liability environment.

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