Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

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Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

The team at Viewpoint produces educational content for Public Television distribution, delivering TV segments that inform viewers on the latest topics and trends impacting the world. When they decided to create an educational documentary TV series – Insurance Technology: The Future of Insurance – they reached out to a select group of InsurTechs to discuss how the insurance industry uses technology to ultimately better the world in which we live. After a rigorous vetting process, Praedicat was selected to appear on Viewpoint, hosted by Dennis Quaid. We are excited to announce that the segment has been completed and is now airing on Public Television in all 50 states. It is also available to watch on demand on the Viewpoint website.

We are deeply grateful to Shannon Totten, EVP, Head of Retail Excess Casualty – North America at Sompo International, for sharing the screen with us. Shannon’s vision and dedication to innovation is well-known to us at Praedicat, and her partnership and collaboration as a client has helped us build better and more useful products for the industry that we serve. Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your expertise and first-hand experiences on this program!

The Viewpoint segment provides an insightful overview of how the combination of cutting-edge technology and data analytics can harness the power of science to identify prospective emerging risks, a company’s exposure to these risks, and the potential for these risks to drive litigation. We hope you enjoy this video on how businesses can stay ahead of emerging risks and make informed decisions about risk management.

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