Charles Clarke

I am VP of Sales at Praedicat, based in London, but talking to clients all over the world. In a previous life I worked in property catastrophe modelling and was intrigued by the opportunity to apply a similar technology to the world of casualty insurance. My background in chemistry also means that the application of Praedicat's technology into the chemical, pharmaceutical and FMCG space is deeply interesting.

What is “long tail”?

What is “long tail”? 150 150 Charles Clarke

I’ve been asked recently by a number of customers to define what Praedicat means by “long tail” risk. Our CEO, Bob Reville, has written about casualty catastrophe previously, and how Praedicat is…

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Are we poisoning our children with plastics?

Are we poisoning our children with plastics? 150 150 Charles Clarke

In modern life, the human body interacts with innumerable man-made substances. They are in the clothes we wear, the cosmetics we use, the food we eat, the packaging which carries…

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Three definitions of emerging risk

Three definitions of emerging risk 500 245 Charles Clarke

The International Risk Governance Council usefully defines an emerging risk as belonging to any one of three categories: 1. Risks with uncertain impacts, with uncertainty resulting from new products, services, behaviours or…

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