ChemMeta Update: Comprehensive Coverage of Food Additives

ChemMeta Update: Comprehensive Coverage of Food Additives

ChemMeta Update: Comprehensive Coverage of Food Additives 750 350 Meghan Dengler

September 21st 2020: Comprehensive coverage of food additives is now available in ChemMeta®!

Thousands of substances and chemicals are added to the processed foods we eat every day. Preservatives, anti-caking agents, colors, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, flavor enhancers, artificial sweeteners, coloring agents – the list goes on and on. The frightening thing is that most additives approved decades ago have never been reevaluated and food safety advocates contend most newer additives undergo insufficient testing prior to marketing.

So how do companies demonstrate that these additives do not pose a risk to human health? Or understand if they are safe or harmful? In a word, science.

The scientific community publishes hundreds of papers each year examining specific food additives and their impact on human health. Monitoring and keeping current on all of this science is not only a colossal task, it is also absolutely necessary. This is where ChemMeta comes in. ChemMeta tracks the science investigating more than 36,000 chemical substances, distilling complex literatures into simple, intuitive scores that allow users to quickly assess what the scientific community knows about a chemical’s potential to cause injury.

And now Praedicat is pleased to announce that ChemMeta offers comprehensive coverage of the science investigating more than 3,500 additives allowed in food in the United States. Look up any food additive, and you’ll know immediately the extent to which scientists have investigated that additive, whether scientists have concluded it’s safe, or whether scientific opinion is trending toward concern.

Click here to learn more about this latest addition to ChemMeta!

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