Move over food wheel, here comes NOVA

Move over food wheel, here comes NOVA 1500 1073 Meghan Dengler
February 28, 2023: Risk in the News – Ultraprocessed Foods

Ultraprocessed foods are ready-to-consume, hyper-palatable, low-cost, and, according to critics, designed to replace all other food groups. But are they harming us? And further…are they addictive? Food addiction is a well-studied phenomenon in biomedical literature and is becoming increasingly recognized as a psychological disorder. If that’s the case, will soft drinks, chips and TV dinners eventually display a warning label, similar to those found on tobacco, alcohol and opioids? 

In his latest article for Carrier Management,  Dr. David Loughran, Praedicat’s SVP Head of Product, reminisces about the four basic food groups of the food wheel, discusses the NOVA system of food classification, and considers how food addiction and ultraprocessed foods might land food companies in the hot seat. 

Click to read the Carrier Managementarticle. 


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