COVID-19 Scenarios

COVID-19 Scenarios

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As the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic affects millions of people across the globe, we are all trying to navigate the uncertainty of the future and best anticipate what might come next. To support our commercial casualty clients at this time, Praedicat is creating COVID-19 realistic litigation scenarios to manage their exposures and traverse this new and treacherous landscape.

Soon, our clients will be able to run their portfolios against realistic litigation scenarios for COVID-19, providing them with insights for reserving, underwriting and aggregation management. We are providing our clients with:

  • 12 realistic litigation scenarios, representing a range of ultimate pandemic outcomes, and with fully-specified causes of action, numbers of plaintiffs, and defendant industries.
  • Insurance portfolio modeling results, providing losses under the 12 scenarios for a portfolio specified by company names or industries, and insurance terms.
  • Company scenario loss estimates for 40,000 companies in Praedicat’s company library, with the ability to estimate policy losses (defense cost and indemnity) under different insurance structures.
  • Additional future scenarios will continue to model new realistic causes of action and will incorporate ultimate pandemic outcomes as the course of the pandemic is revealed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our account team with any questions you might have.

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