Praedicat Announces Hundreds!

Praedicat Announces Hundreds!

Praedicat Announces Hundreds! 800 450 Ben Gruber

Praedicat Announces Hundreds!

Praedicat announced Hundreds, a groundbreaking named peril casualty product, at the Lloyd’s Lab Demo Day on November 13th. Hundreds is the first casualty product developed as part of the Lloyd’s Lab innovation accelerator program, and its launch fulfilled one of the Lab’s top objectives: to introduce a new casualty insurance product into the market.

Hundreds closes a large protection gap in casualty. Recent casualty catastrophes, e.g., glyphosate and talc, have risk managers looking for innovative solutions to protect their business. Existing coverage is not designed to handle latent catastrophic events with cross-LOB clash. Hundreds is coverage designed to fill that gap, bringing all losses relevant to the event under a single cover, with an extended reporting period to cover those unforeseen events on the horizon.

Praedicat is working with select insurer clients that offer Hundreds-tailored coverage, providing their insureds with genuine protection from potential catastrophic casualty events.  It also enables insurers to understand and quantify the risk so they can prudently grow their casualty book.

With Hundreds, companies can:

  • Purchase limits to protect against latent catastrophic events, moving from an environment of risk exclusion to one of coverage and growth.
  • Bundle the two lines of business most exposed to latent casualty catastrophes, GL and D&O, to implement a well-designed solution that addresses cross-LOB clash directly and effectively.
  • Use our software to understand exactly which Litagion® agents it is exposed to – including newly emerging casualty cats, such as glyphosate and talc – and tailor its coverage against potentially catastrophic events.

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