Praedicat Launches COVID-19 Litigation Tracker

Praedicat Launches COVID-19 Litigation Tracker

Praedicat Launches COVID-19 Litigation Tracker 1280 450 Meghan Dengler

June 25th, 2020: Praedicat announces the launch of our unprecedented COVID-19 Litigation Tracker

Praedicat is proud to introduce our new Litigation Tracker, which monitors emerging SARS-CoV-2 litigation complaint by complaint. With more than 150 complaints already filed in U.S. courts alleging corporate defendants are responsible for introducing and spreading SARS-CoV-2 in the United States, staying abreast of this fast-moving litigation event is becoming more important than ever.
By monitoring state and federal courts, our litigation tracker puts this much needed information at your fingertips, providing trends in filed complaints and detailed case information on causes of action, targeted industries, named defendants, attorneys involved and more. Additionally, shareholder actions alleging corporate officers breached their fiduciary duty during the pandemic are also captured.
Our litigation tracker works in tandem with our COVID-19 scenarios, making this a powerful combination of tools addressing COVID-19 for our industry. The litigation tracker also offers:.

  • Litigation tracking, mapping the increasing number of liability claims.
  • Summary statistics, which can be filtered by specific companies, industries, court districts (federal vs state), attorneys, and more.
  • Plaintiff Exposure, includes the number of open cases with exposures by consumers or workers, and if the case is for personal injury or property damage.
  • Case details that are hyperlinked, giving easy access to both a general summary and the full court document, all available for viewing or download.

We are introducing the litigation tracking feature with coverage of COVID-19 related litigation, but we have built this feature so that it can be extended to other casualty-relevant litigation events in the near future.

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