Praedicat Press Release: Lloyd’s Lab Demo Day 2020

Praedicat Press Release: Lloyd’s Lab Demo Day 2020

Praedicat Press Release: Lloyd’s Lab Demo Day 2020 700 350 Meghan Dengler
November 18th 2020: Praedicat press release on our participation in Lloyd’s Lab Cohort 5 Demo Day

We are excited and proud of our work in the Lab! A tremendous THANK YOU to our mentors and everyone in the Lloyd’s market who has helped us generate innovative solutions that support COVID-19 response, recovery and future-resilience.

Our engagement with the Lloyd’s Market and time in the Lab have allowed us to:

  • Successfully expand our scenario coverage to consider GL & concomitant D&O, adding this additional cross-line clash loss element to our existing COVID-19 scenarios.
  • Create a multi-line scenario analysis feature in our software that greatly facilitates business decision making.
  • Develop a Market-informed model development product plan for extending our cross-line clash modeling capability to risks beyond COVID-19.

A product demo is featured in our Demo Day presentation video, which provides a full briefing of our work in the Lab and discusses how we can help you identify, quantify and manage liability risk and cross-line clash.

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Read the full Press Release here.


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