Praedicat’s Lloyd’s Liability Scenarios Solution

Praedicat’s Lloyd’s Liability Scenarios Solution

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Praedicat’s Scenario Platform helps make reporting Lloyd’s liability Scenarios easy!

UK regulators are increasing their focus around approaches to man-made risk exposure management. As part of this initiative relating to liability risk, Lloyd’s are requiring syndicates to report against six newly defined Lloyd’s liability scenarios, over two data collection periods in 2021.

Praedicat is assisting our clients by making this exercise straightforward and efficient. Our work with Lloyd’s to represent their scenarios in our software not only ensures that all of Lloyd’s requirements are met, but actually goes beyond what is required to help syndicates begin to build a robust forward-looking casualty emerging risk management framework.

Praedicat has developed an in-software solution that makes reporting on Lloyd’s six new liability scenarios easy. Our streamlined reporting process ensures that you not only meet all of Lloyd’s requirements quickly and efficiently, but go above and beyond to make the exercise compliant, business relevant, and actionable.

Take a closer look at how Praedicat can help your business use scenarios to manage liability risk and fulfill regulatory reporting requirements to Lloyd’s.

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You can also learn how Praedicat helps the market respond to the latest “Dear CRO” letter and translate the PRA insights into appropriate business actions.

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