Press Release – Sentry signs with Praedicat

Press Release – Sentry signs with Praedicat

Press Release – Sentry signs with Praedicat 700 350 Meghan Dengler
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May 19, 2022: Sentry signs with Praedicat  to get an early warning into systemic casualty risk

In a landscape where active litigation is on the rise and the phenomenon of social inflation is top of mind, Praedicat is excited to announce it has contracted with Sentry Insurance and looks forward to assisting the mutual insurer in better understanding and managing its casualty exposure. Sentry will use Praedicat’s complete suite of analytic tools to support its aggregation management, portfolio strategy, and the development of underwriting guidance.

Dan Zastava, Sentry’s Director of Corporate UW & Products, said:

“With the increase in active litigation involving risks such as PFAS, and the rise of social inflation, it is essential that we remain ahead of the curve to protect our member companies and offer accessible insurance at risk-appropriate prices. Praedicat’s analytics are one strategy to help us take our casualty underwriting to the next level.”

Sentry will utilize Praedicat’s full range of products which includes science-based emerging risk insights on hundreds of perils, over 100,000 individual company profiles and all industry profiles, Praedicat’s new company litigation risk score, the litigation tracker to manage risks in active litigation (e.g. PFAS, arsenic, paraquat, climate, etc.), and the use of Praedicat’s probabilistic loss model and realistic disaster scenarios for general liability.

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