Carrier Management – greatest hits

Carrier Management – greatest hits

Carrier Management – greatest hits 1430 807 Yvonne Torres

We have a brilliant partnership with Carrier Management, and we couldn’t be happier to see one of our articles featured in their select collection of the 100 Greatest Hits from 2013-2022. It’s truly an honor! Click here to read the article.

What’s even more remarkable is that this article underscores the power of science in providing early warning signals for mass litigation. We delved into the emerging scientific evidence surrounding acetaminophen and autism back then, and now, fast forward a few years, we find ourselves actively monitoring this very litigation through our litigation tracker.

In fact, our innovative product, CoMeta, has successfully identified every “in scope” mass litigation that has commenced since the inception of Praedicat in 2012. The image above lists all the mass litigations we’ve identified so far.

We’re excited to continue crafting insightful articles for Carrier Management and nurture this exceptional partnership. Who knows? Perhaps the next mass litigation will be unveiled in our future pieces—remember, you never know what lies ahead unless you keep reading!