Insider Quarterly – Toxic Torts

Insider Quarterly – Toxic Torts

Insider Quarterly – Toxic Torts 750 350 Meghan Dengler

August 4th, 2020: In the article Toxic Torts, published in the 2020 Summer edition of Insider  Quarterly, Dr. Adam Grossman, Senior Scientist and VP of Modeling at Praedicat, discusses glyphosate, opioids, and talc and the unfolding mass litigations.

Praedicat recently published several scenarios describing how three major litigations could unfold: glyphosate (Roundup), opioids and talc. See how these scenarios explored various legal theories and the ways judges and juries could evaluate scientific evidence and apportion responsibility to the potentially responsible parties.
Read the full article at Insurance Insider: Here

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