Praedicat’s Response to the PRA’s “Dear CRO” Letter

Praedicat’s Response to the PRA’s “Dear CRO” Letter

Praedicat’s Response to the PRA’s “Dear CRO” Letter 700 350 Meghan Dengler
Translating the PRA insights into impactful business actions

On November 13th 2020 the PRA published their “Dear CRO” letter which outlined areas in general insurers reserving and exposure management procedures and practices which need to be addressed in 2021.

With over 25 Global insurer and reinsurer clients, Praedicat  has worked with the industry to design and implement casualty risk and exposure management frameworks, integrate with casualty insurance workflows, and deliver actionable insights. This puts Praedicat in an excellent position to help businesses translate the PRA insights into impactful business actions.

To help the industry respond to the concerns raised by the PRA, Praedicat is offering an introductory package designed to identify and manage casualty catastrophe risk within your portfolio.

Learn how Praedicat can help you address the issues raised by the PRA HERE.

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Additional Content

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InsuranceERM article, “Casualty risk mitigation needs a forward-looking view“,  addresses some of the insights surfaced from the PRA’s “Dear CRO” letter. In this article Lauren Restell also discusses some of the steps re/insurers can take to address the PRA’s letter and how casualty risk modeling is empowering the industry to shift its focus from the historical to a more future-focused perspective.

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