Video – Identifying Emerging Chemicals of Concern: Tools and Strategies

Video – Identifying Emerging Chemicals of Concern: Tools and Strategies

Video – Identifying Emerging Chemicals of Concern: Tools and Strategies 150 150 Meghan Dengler

Praedicat Participates in Identifying Emerging Chemicals of Concern: Tools and Strategies

Chemicals in consumer and industrial goods are being scrutinized like never before. Rapidly developing information, in combination with increased regulatory and retailer initiatives to promote chemical safety, has led to increased scrutiny in chemical ingredients on the market. Failure of a company to fully evaluate developing toxicity information for its chemical portfolio may lead to unexpected “toxicity surprises” that can cause—in addition to possible environmental and health implications—business disruptions, declines in brand value, and product liability claims. At the same time, closely monitoring these data allows a company to build a plan that demonstrates a proactive commitment to product stewardship.

Praedicat’s Dr. Adam Grossman, joined experts Ari Lewis, M.S. from Gradient and Patrick McMullen, Ph. D. from ScitoVation to discuss tools and strategies that help identify emerging chemicals of change. You can watch the Gradient-hosted webinar here and learn how companies can make informed decisions about ingredient selection through the identification and evaluation of potential chemicals of concern.

At Praedicat, we are big fans of industry activities that mitigate business risk and are integral to a proactive product stewardship approach. Let’s make the world cleaner, safer and healthier!

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