Emerging Risks – Modelling The Next Asbestos

Emerging Risks – Modelling The Next Asbestos

Emerging Risks – Modelling The Next Asbestos 704 524 Meghan Dengler

In the latest Emerging Risks article, Praedicat CEO Bob Reville shares his thoughts on some of the biggest industry trends with Marcus Alcock. He explores the history and complications of casualty cat modeling and compares it with property casualty modeling, offering insights into how casualty cat modeling has evolved and has been adopted by the market. That scientific data and accounting for the complexity of time are two key factors in leveling the playing field between casualty and property cat modeling.  

Bob also discusses a few of the risks that are most concerning for the current casualty market, and considers how litigation funding is truly forming today’s liability risk environment. He also examines the risk of PFAS chemicals, and poses that PFAS is a strong candidate for the next asbestos.  

To read all of Bob’s insights, click here.

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