Praedicat Featured in Carrier Management, ExecTalk

Praedicat Featured in Carrier Management, ExecTalk

Praedicat Featured in Carrier Management, ExecTalk 150 150 Bob Reville

Praedicat Featured in new Carrier Management video series, ExecTalk

As part of Carrier Management’s new video series, ExecTalk, Praedicat’s Bob Reville and Adam Grossman give a glimpse of the 9 Newly Known Unknowns – our annual list of emerging risks for the insurance and reinsurance industry traditionally delivered in Monte Carlo.

In the ExecTalk video, Bob and Adam discuss the litigation potential from PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), the so-called “forever chemicals,” which are everywhere and don’t degrade. They also shine a light on:

  • The possibilities for litigation connected to “take-home COVID-19,” which occurs when front-line workers are exposed to COVID-19 and bring the virus home to their family members
  • Trends in 5G litigation
  • The risk of government-driven opioid-style litigation over sugar and processed food and how that might be heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The drivers of social inflation
  • The heightened potential for cross-line clash

Perhaps most importantly, Bob and Adam identify where the big opportunities to innovate might lie and how the development of new products could help insurers manage an increased risk of aggregation.

You can view the video either on the Carrier Management website, or above.

Insurance Journal released an article, What Is the No. 1 Emerging Litigation Risk? ‘Forever Chemicals,’ Says Praedicat,  based on Carrier Management’s Exectalk video with Bob and Adam.
Read article here.

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