Praedicat announces new partnership with Apollo

Praedicat announces new partnership with Apollo

Praedicat announces new partnership with Apollo 700 350 Bob Reville
Praedicat + Apollo! 

Apollo understands that underwriters have always faced a litany of challenges when addressing emerging risk. They also understand that in today’s environment of relentless innovation, the challenge of managing emerging risk is only increasing. Apollo remains steadfast in its commitment to partnering with its clients to drive growth and innovation in the casualty market through the intelligent application of technology-enabled emerging risk insight.   

According to James Slaughter, Apollo’s Group Chief Underwriting Officer, “Emerging risk has historically been a challenging area for underwriters to address. With Praedicat’s technology, we provide our underwriters with cutting-edge insight, our capital providers with the confidence that our portfolio is contemplating emerging risks, and our customers with the coverage they need to navigate an increasingly complex litigation environment.” 

To that end, we are pleased to announce that Apollo and Praedicat have entered a three-year engagement in which Apollo will license Praedicat’s CoMeta™ platform. Apollo will employ Praedicat’s industry-leading emerging risk analytics that are designed to identify perils at their earliest stages, quantify commercial exposure, and monitor risk development as scientific evidence and regulatory pressure mount and litigation unfolds.  The two companies will also collaborate to develop new emerging risk coverages for Apollo customers. 

This promises to be a very exciting partnership full of innovation, and we are very much looking forward to it.

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