Praedicat’s Emerging Risk Framework Video

Praedicat’s Emerging Risk Framework Video

Praedicat’s Emerging Risk Framework Video 700 350 Bob Reville

Praedicat’s Emerging Risk Framework

For over a decade Praedicat has strived to deliver actionable insights to the casualty insurance industry. With Praedicat’s new Emerging Risk Framework, casualty insurers receive the data they need to identify, monitor, and write emerging risks, manage tail risk, and sustainably grow in casualty.

Praedicat’s Emerging Risk Framework is designed to make emerging risk actionable for casualty insurers and reinsurers. The framework considers the entire emerging risk life cycle, dividing the timeline of emerging risk into different phases of emergence. Praedicat’s analytics and models deliver insights to drive actions and strategies for each phase.

The emerging risk framework makes emerging risk actionable, enabling you to make smarter business decisions informed by science and industry-leading technology.

Watch the below video as Robert Reville, Praedicat CEO, discusses the specifics of Praedicat’s emerging risk framework.

Praedicat’s Emerging Risk Framework Video


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