Praedicat Presents – 12 Days of Emerging Risk

Praedicat Presents – 12 Days of Emerging Risk

Praedicat Presents – 12 Days of Emerging Risk 1121 520 Meghan Dengler

Praedicat Presents:

12 Days of Emerging Risk

2019 has been a year of innovation, growth, and “firsts” for Praedicat and the InsurTech industry. As the year draws to a close, we have compiled together some memorable moments worth remembering that took place in 2019.

If you blinked and missed them the first time around, don’t miss them now!

Day 1:

As we head into the holiday season and visions of sugar plums dance in our heads, remember the risk insight Praedicat delivered on sugar.

Bitter Truth About Sugar


Day 2:

Before using CBD products as stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts, take a moment to read the article by Praedicat’s own David Loughran, who discusses the regulatory limbo that CBD-infused food and beverage products are facing.

CBD-Infused Food and Beverage Products in Regulatory Limbo


Day 3:

2019 saw the finale of Game of Thrones, but another GOT emerged. This InsuranceERM article discusses glyphosate, opioids, and talc, while examining how insurers are coping with mass latent BI litigation.

InsuranceERM Article: Glyphosate, Opioids & Talc

Past Events for 2019 Surrounding GOT:
Lloyd’s Library event held on April 10th: Glyphosate, Opioids, Talc, or Something Else? The Biggest Long-tail Risks Facing Casualty Today and How to Find Them

Stamford Event held on June 19th: Glyphosate, Opioids and Talc: The New Bodily Injury Mass Litigation, Casualty in The 2020s, with Hemant Shah, former RMS CEO, as a co-presenter.



Day 4:

One of Praedicat’s main objectives is to use scientific data to help predict & solve the conundrum of the “next asbestos.” Dr. Reville, Praedicat’s CEO, spoke with AM Best TV about the next mass litigation on sugar and plastics and antibiotics – oh my!

AM Best TV InterviewPlastics, Antibiotics, Sugar Pose Mass Tort Risks

Social Media Original Post



Day 5:

Just like Santa during the holidays, the opioids epidemic has been on everyone’s radar this year. At Praedicat we’re always looking forward to “what’s next,” and candidates for the next opioids sit squarely on our radar.

Carrier Management What is the “next” Opioids?

Praedicat BlogWho Will Pay for the Opioids Epidemic Opioids



Day 6:

We hope you’ve had plenty of Who-pudding, Roast Beast, and even Who-hash this holiday season. As those New Year’s resolutions are on their way, it’s not just sugars that make us fat we say.

Carrier ManagementAre Building Products Making Us Fat?

Carrier ManagementIs Water Making us Fat?


Day 7:

On the Seventh Day of Emerging Risk Praedicat gave to me: hundreds of drug companies, thousands of drug hypotheses, millions of adverse events, all in ChemMeta. Endocrine Disruptors, transgenerational harms, flame retardants and PFAS all in CoMeta.

Praedicat Presents: PFAS Risk Past, Present, and Future

Carrier ManagementLiability Longtail could Get Longer

Endocrine DisruptorsThe Signature Public Health Threat of Our time


Day 8:

As the new year approaches it’s natural to reflect upon new beginnings. Praedicat’s origin story is about making the word cleaner, safer and healthier.  One way we do that is by helping people manage the coming large-scale liability risks using AI, anticipatory analytics and innovative modeling, all to help our clients map out what science says is “coming next.”

S&P ArticleUnpredictable Cost of Latent Catastrophes

Risk & InsuranceYour Next Catastrophic Risk? Hint: It Has Nothing to Do With Climate Change

Insurance Day: Modelling Liability Risk on a Named Peril Basis

Podcast on Liability ModelPodcast on Liability Model



Day 9:

Reflection is a two-step process. You look at where you’ve been to see where you’re going. The knowns and the unknowns. Praedicat prides itself on getting ahead of the curve for our clients when it comes to harmful Litagions that are known liability risks while offering insights into the unknown risks of tomorrow.

Financial Times: Social Media Post  Article – US Jury Payouts Leave Insurers ‘Facing $200bn hole’

Monte Carlo Presentation: Praedciat Presents at Monte Carlo

Praedicat Presentation: Nine Newly Known Unknowns


Day 10:

The bells will soon be ringing, but they’ve already begun here at Praedicat. For the second time Praedicat was named one of the Top innovative InsurTech companies by Intelligent Insurer and FinTech Global. To top it off, our work with Sompo International received an underwriting award and we were awarded our second Patent. Ring those bells!

FinTech Global InsurTech100 –Praedicat Makes InsurTech100 List

Intelligent Insurer InsurTech100 – Praedicat Makes the InsurTech Hot 100

SMA Awards – Praedicat Press Release and Social Media Post

Patent Award: Praedicat Awarded Patent for Corporate Risk Visualization


Day 11:

Reminiscing about where you’ve been in 2019? Praedicat is too. 2019 we hosted, sponsored, co-sponsored, and presented at events all over the world discussing emerging risk themes.

Praedicat Attended: Monte Carlo LRV 2019 & Round Table

Product Stewardship: PFAS & Product Development & Obesogens

Praedicat Co-Sponsored – InsuranceERM Bermuda

Praedicat Presented in Stamford and Bermuda


Day 12:

Praedicat predicts that 2020 will be the year of solutions. Praedicat plans to partner with brokers to introduce Hundreds, a solution-driven product which will help bridge the gap in general liability and D&O coverage.

Praedicat Chosen for Lloyd’s Lab CoHort 3

Praedicat Press Release: Lloyd’s Lab Demo Day

Praedicat Products & Solutions: Hundreds

Praedicat Press: Hundreds Press